An invisible Veil…from Pakistan

During my stay at VSC, I explored paper as medium for an installation.

This work is an extension of the image above I did in Vermont and I derived the same image using Arabic Alphabets depicting the Muslim world. I used laser cutting and one can actually see through it.

An invisible Veil….

The subject matter deals with identity. When I was at Vermont I strongly felt my individuality as a Muslim, as a Pakistani. Since it was my first experience to work amongst so many people from different parts of the world, I found myself dealing with and finding answers to so many questions. It was a great ideological rupture for me when I got back home; the conceptual anticipation of a new territory.

Is it the Muslim country of the country of the Muslims?

I am trying to make implicit and explicit references to this specific set of circumstances: objects that might occur in an everyday or trivial fashion with a set of meanings that are culturally, socially or politically nuanced.

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3 Responses to An invisible Veil…from Pakistan

  1. Terry Wise says:

    I can’t wait to see this book in person! The detail looks amazing, but a little hard to follow in the photos. Anticipation is a wonderful thing.

  2. erin benson says:

    I have received the book! I am so excited to get working on it, and I really love what has been done to it so far.

  3. Amna the photos look great! I am so excited to see the book in person!

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