Saint Petersburg, Florida USA

These days I have been sewing a lot. I make hats as a cathartic release from art, from life, from thinking too much. They are fun and silly and leave traces of feather and glitter and shiny things all over my home and studio. They make me very, very happy. There is always scrap paper piled up that I use for various things such as a palette for fabric paint or as a table protector so my awl doesn’t puncture my the wooden tabletop. One particular scrap had a wonky grid of holes punched straight through, it was sitting on top of some pink glitter paper so that traces of the glitter shone through when moved in the light. It made me think of Amna’s piece with the laser cut out words. Toasted over a candle glued together, and Viola! remnants of my life, remnants of my studio, remnants of things that bring me joy and as I said above- make me very, very happy. The journal is getting thick already…. it hits the road tomorrow.

About The Gihon River Collective's travelling journal

Artists Group called 'The Gihon River Collective'.
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3 Responses to Saint Petersburg, Florida USA

  1. Terry Wise says:

    Nice! I’m glad to know that sewing makes somebody else very happy, too. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  2. juicyrivers says:

    Fantastic Erin, so excited to see the progress. Who’s next I wonder?

  3. This is awesome Erin! I really like the photo with the light coming through… like a flash of lightning.

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