finding its way back

as i write this, the travelling jounral sits next to me on the banks of the gihon river. when mark handed this over to me in baltimore, i had no idea that i would find myself here again, suffering in my studio and losing hair to my fingers for each sentence i couldn’t write. but the book has this calming effect on me – i look at it every once and again and think of the legacy of inspiration it contains. now that it’s in my possession it gives me some confidence that i can find something deep inside me to push me forward.

so, here we go. some imagined stories of imagined people locked up in an imagined asylum. in iambic pentameter. god, i love fiction.

About The Gihon River Collective's travelling journal

Artists Group called 'The Gihon River Collective'.
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1 Response to finding its way back

  1. Brilliant! I can’t believe the journal is in Vermont. Ciara

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