Alice Cunningham /UK/

Aluan Argüelles /Cuba/

Aluan Argüelles born in 1982 in Havana is an artist who works in different media. Several of the themes that recur in his work are specific to life in Cuba: living on a small, utopian island, a country in which the political and economical realities are unique and challenging, where water is everywhere, and emigration is a constant.

Amanda Gayle Oliver /USA/

Amna Ilyas /Pakistan/

Amy Kosh /USA/

Charlie Grosso /USA/

Christopher Lee /Canada/

Chutima Kerdpitak (Nok) /Thailand – UK/

Ciara Foster /Ireland/
Ciara Foster is an Irish artist based in Dublin.

Elaine Woo MacGregor /UK/

Erin Lee Benson /USA/

Jacqueline Norheim /USA/

Jon Rajkovich /USA/

Joshua Haycraft /USA/

Josianne Ishikawa /USA – Japan/

Josianne Ishikawa is an American artist who has lived in Japan over
twenty years. Her paintings are a reflection of her life in Japan.

Lanny Bergner /USA/

Leonardo Aguinaldo /Philippines/

Liliana Valenzuela /USA/

Lisa Iglesias /USA/

Liz Jeneid /Australia/

Marilyn Derwenskus /USA/

Mark Dilks /USA/

Mary Jane Morse /USA/

Mary Lamboley /USA/
Mary Lamboley is an artist and teacher currently living and working in the United States in St. Louis

Natasha Mell-Taylor /USA/

Patricia Brace /USA/

Renata Szur /Hungary – UK/

Robert Adams /USA/
Robert Dewitt Adams is a Pacific Northwest artist originally from the Washington, DC area, who explores symbology and history through a lens of folk and pop art.

Terry Wise /USA/
Terry Wise is a painter whose interest in repeated patterns, texture, rich color and printmaking began with studies in Textile Design; she has since joined these textile techniques into multilayered paintings.

Tova Gardner /Israel – USA/

Victoria Lustbader /USA/

Wendy Painter /USA/