Journal’s last days in Dublin.

I finished the first page spread of our Travelling Journal this week, and decided that I would take it out on a little city jaunt and photograph it in Dublin before I sent it off. The weather was perfect, a cold, crisp, sunny, Bank Holiday Monday and the day of the Dublin City Marathon. One of the few days that the city is closed off to traffic, and cyclists have a free reign of the roads.

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Gihon River Collective’s travelling Journal

While I was an Artist in residence at the Vermont Studio Art Centre, I had this idea to start a notebook that travelled around the world between the Artists and Writers I had met there.
The idea was that each Artist filled a two page spread in the notebook with their work and then posted it on to the next artist who took one aspect of what the last artist had written or drawn, or whatever, and carried it on through their double page spread, kind of like a visual Chinese whisper.
This blog will be a record of this ongoing project that will keep us all connected through our creativity.
The blog will also enable the journal to be tracked so that we know where it is at any one time and we can follow how far it has travelled.
We hope to exhibit the journal at the next ‘Gihon River Collective’ exhibition.
Ciara Foster
October, 2010

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