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Hoarding Journals

So this journal and I have become quite close… considering that I have unintentionally keeping it for way beyond any amount of time that one should keep a “traveling” journal. I have not ruined its name though! For it is … Continue reading

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As soon as spring began my fairly clean apartment started having a mouse problem. The cats would very considerately leave them in obvious places for us to find. Everyday became an adventure. Mornings of mice by the kitchen table or … Continue reading

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Saint Petersburg, Florida USA

These days I have been sewing a lot. I make hats as a cathartic release from art, from life, from thinking too much. They are fun and silly and leave traces of feather and glitter and shiny things all over … Continue reading

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An invisible Veil…from Pakistan

During my stay at VSC, I explored paper as medium for an installation. This work is an extension of the image above I did in Vermont and I derived the same image using Arabic Alphabets depicting the Muslim world. I … Continue reading

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Gihon River Collective’s travelling Journal

While I was an Artist in residence at the Vermont Studio Art Centre, I had this idea to start a notebook that travelled around the world between the Artists and Writers I had met there. The idea was that each … Continue reading

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